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How it Works

Innovation Lab is a Botfy division specializing in prototyping and developing technology and new business models. Working alongside our customers, we implement rapid prototyping tools and design thinking methods to build digital and IoT solutions, boosting operations and transforming businesses. Laboratory models enable iterative product development through development sprints, until the technology and operational models are validated to justify further investment.


Our workshops introduce your employees to fast prototyping tools and IoT technologies. Industry 4.0 is here and we strive to support companies in this transformation.


Botfy organizes internal and external coding marathons for our partners to support ideation and prototyping of IoT solutions.

Design Sprint

Focusing on a specific problem, we design fast solutions and build minimum viable products (MVPs) to validate the effectiveness of the approach.


We develop end-to-end hardware & software platforms, project specifications, prototypes and provide Design for Manufacturing (DFM) support.

Who's on projects with us